Proofreading is just like building a boat…

Imagine you’ve invested time and money in building the most wonderful wooden boat. Each panel has been measured by hand, carefully steamed and bent into shape to fit the precise measurement of the frame. It’s been lovingly sanded, polished and varnished ready for launch only to find a knot in the plank which spoils its look and feel.  If only time had been spent doing those vital checks before the final process had begun.

We offer a fresh pair of eyes.

Written something, read it time and time again but now can’t see the wood for the trees and certainly can’t spot that typo lurking on line too or was that line two? Being over familiar with your message is commonplace so we can help by offering a fresh pair of eyes to look over your work and spot any errors.

What’s our approach?

Apart from a nice quiet room, with no distractions, here’s our approach for successful proofreading.

  • We run the spell check first to pick up those easy mistakes.
  • We break it up.  We proofread in short bursts and then get some fresh air.
  • We proof read two to three times until there are no mistakes.
  • We don’t proof read when we’re tired.
  • We read slowly – even headings, sub headings and footers.
  • We look it up if we’re not sure.
  • We double check facts, figures and proper names.
  • We read it backwards!  Our brain can play tricks on us and ‘auto corrects’ words.  By reading the copy backwards, it breaks this pattern and we can spot errors more easily.
  • We always proof read a paper copy.  We read differently on a screen compared to paper.
  • We read out loud!  This picks up errors more easily as we can hear that they are wrong.
  • We have a proofreading partner who reads it once we’re done. You’ll be surprised what mistakes you’ve missed!
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Our proofreading services include…

Marketing Materials

  • Customer emails and newsletters
  • Sales and marketing literature
  • Adverts
  • Press releases
  • Direct marketing

Corporate Materials

  • Employee communications
  • Senior Director announcements and speeches
  • Business reports and presentations.


  • Website content
  • Social media posts and profiles
  • Blogs.

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