Every Word Counts!

Every day we see thousands of different words, filtering out those that are not relevant or eye-catching.  From a morning newsflash, a postcard, cinema advert or a text message, they need to grab our attention.  Whether you aim to inspire, persuade, educate or just provide a different perspective, you need great copy. 

Ever been in the position of reading a book until the early hours because you can’t put it down?  A great piece of copy will take customers on a journey, captivating them and keeping them interested along the way.  But it’s just not about putting words down on paper. Copywriting is a true art.

What, why, when, where, who and how.

Even before we put pen to paper we will have a clear view on…

  • What are we writing about?  What’s the hook?  What’s in it for the audience? What does success look like? 20 calls? 10 new sales? 2 new members?
  • Why are we writing it?
  • When will it be published?
  • Where will it be seen? Newspaper ad? Business report? Billboard? Web?
  • Who is the audience?
  • How will it be published?

We write copy that has…

  • An impactful headline – a bit like having a great male lead in a film.
  • Words that connect with each reader, captivating from beginning to end.
  • A defined ending and where appropriate a clear call to action.
  • A story born out of listening to the audience or target market.
  • Simple and concise messages to inform and not confuse. 
  • Absolutely no jargon!
  • A clear understanding of the benefits you are offering.
  • Tone, warmth, emotion and personality draw readers in.
  • Authenticity.
  • A clear call to action.
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Our copywriting services include…

Marketing Materials

  • Customer emails and newsletters
  • Sales & marketing literature
  • Adverts
  • Press releases
  • Direct marketing.

Corporate materials

  • Employee communications
  • Senior Director announcements and speeches
  • Business reports and presentations.


  • Website content
  • Social media posts and profiles
  • Blogs.

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