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‘Marketing Workshops for your marketing journey.’

Marketing Mix Workshops


All companies, whether established or just starting out, continually need to market themselves.


To remain ahead of competitors, a company requires robust marketing foundations built around a creative marketing mix, clear marketing communication and a well-considered marketing strategy.


To achieve this, we created our Marketing Workshops. The workshops prepare the ground for a company to successfully develop and achieve their marketing goals.


If a company’s foundation is built upon a strong marketing strategy, the solid initial groundwork will protect the company from potentially tumbling.

Marketing Mix Workshops

Marketing Strategy


Our genuine passion for providing highly effective long-term marketing strategies naturally led to us creating our informative four-stage workshops.  Our commitment and dedication to developing a marketing plan specifically targeted to individual client’s requirements has set us apart from other marketers.


We add real value to marketing strategies, allowing clients to reap the benefit from their marketing plan for many years to come.

Both start-ups and established companies will benefit from attending our workshops as they enhance marketing knowledge and will drive future business growth.


Our workshops are aimed at teams of up to six people and ideally, should involve individual business owners, marketing directors and members of leadership teams. Depending upon requirements, the usual time needed for a marketing workshop is three quarters to a full day.

Marketing Plan


A typical workshop includes a pre-workshop SWOT Analysis; which is where we start our analytical process. We review a business’s strengths, weakness, opportunities and potential threats. Our workshops then proceed, in detail, to understand all areas of marketing a company requires to build their solid marketing foundations. Finally, we collate all information and, after reviewing all researched material, we make our considered recommendations; together with an action plan and next steps.


Our four stage marketing workshops are a successful, supported, in-depth process every company needs to ensure they remain ahead in their game.

Discussion + Evaluation = Amazing Marketing Strategy

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