Internal communications



‘It’s about you. It’s about me. It’s about us.’

Internal Communication for that competitive advantage


Your employees are your greatest company asset. A strong team will enhance your business reputation, communicate your company values and provide your enterprise with a competitive advantage.


In part, the success of your business will depend upon how you involve and communicate with them.


Poor employee engagement will lead to your staff feeling dissatisfied, resentful and demotivated. Your company will not be represented positively resulting in a negative impact on growth.

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Employee Engagement


At All About The Message, we love communicating – it is what we do best! We know how to develop inspiring employee engagement that motivates your team and still effectively aligns with your business strategy.


We provide a customised tool kit utilising innovative internal communications such as practising consistency in messages, encouraging two-way dialogue and ensuring staff can fully convey your company’s mission, vision and values.


Our service includes corporate and social responsibility, brand communication with culture and leadership awareness. Greater staff commitment is reinforced through positive performance, benefits and reward initiatives.


Business change is easily achievable if you use our passion and understanding of communication to transform your employees into empowered ambassadors for your company.


Choose All About The Message to unite your company

Transparent Communication + Company Strategy = Employee Loyalty

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