Why Your Company Needs a CMO!

Who does your Marketing? Do you need a CMO?!

You’re doing great. Customers love what you do; yet you need to reach further, meet new customers and generate more business – but you have limited marketing resources… so how?

How do you manage your marketing?

  • You have a marketing strategy but struggle to keep on track. Your marketing isn’t reaching the right people. Somehow there’s a lack of cohesion leading to your marketing strategy being jumbled. Important messages are falling through the cracks and not sticking in people’s minds.
  • You know you need to promote your company to gain new custom, but marketing is not your area of expertise. New marketing ideas regularly pop into your head, but you have little time to consider whether they are the right ones worthy of further consideration.
  • You need someone, but don’t feel your company requires a full-time marketing team or marketing director just yet and you don’t have the budget.
  • You have a budget to develop your marketing but have no idea where to start and would appreciate an independent perspective.

So, what are you going to do? You need to find yourself a CMO!

What is a CMO?

CMO stands for Chief Marketing Officer; other titles include Marketing Director and Head of Marketing. The CMO is a company’s marketing partner, working side by side for the good of the company – a relationship that actually works!

Great title, but what does a CMO actually do?

CMO’s are marketing experts – they work as a company’s boost button! They come in many shapes and sizes, but usually, they oversee and coordinate all marketing planning and activity.

A CMO will look at marketing budgets, gaps in current marketing strategy (if there is one), work out why customers use you, why potential customers are buying from your competitors, solve problems, consider the best types of marketing for a company’s needs and create a new, sustainable marketing strategy to power straight into the sights of potential clients.

Essentially, a CMO will solve marketing issues by creating tangible solutions. A CMO will suss out what a company requires to become seen and heard, by the right customers.

So how do you use a CMO?

With love! ?? Actually, it totally depends upon a company’s set-up and needs.

CMO’s are incredibly versatile and flexible. All are used to working in different environments, varied industries and for long or short term projects. Large companies tend to have a full-time marketing team, headed by a CMO. Companies looking to expand often use a CMO more as a virtual marketing tool.

Sometimes the CMO will work in-house with a company for a period of time, anything from three months to an indefinite timeframe depending on requirements. In some cases, a CMO steps into a company once a week, in other situations a CMO will run a marketing campaign as a virtual entity, never needing to step foot on site.

It’s totally dependent upon the needs of the client as to how and how often they use a CMO!

So, I can have a marketing specialist but don’t have to put them on the payroll?

Bingo! And if you have one or two staff members who deal with aspects of marketing, for example, social media posts or blogs, a CMO can work alongside them to help coach long term marketing strategy.

Marketing + Independent CMO = New Marketing Solutions + New Customers + Company Growth

If you need any information about using, or hiring me, as a CMO please get in touch.