Words Have Power

How do I write good marketing copy?

How Do I Create Marketing Messages That Work?


You’re Hooked!  

A great marketing message connects with your heart, mind and soul, in an instance.  You’re hooked!  The product or service that is being promoted will be super appealing and you can see how it will benefit you in an instance.  Sold!  The creative copy has done its job.  It has engaged you and the brand personality shines through, all in the space of a few seconds.

The Research Bit!

Research shows we’re being exposed to more marketing messages than ever before  – anything from 360 per day to 3,000 or even 20,000 per day!  Consequently, if you’re a business, your marketing messages are going to have to work harder to cut through the noise to get you noticed.

Grab me.  Solve my problem.  Make me react.
In a nutshell, written in the right way, with the right tone and emotion, your marketing messages will create the perfect  impression with your target audience and will:

  • Provide the hook to get your business and your brand noticed
  • Connect with your customer and grabs their attention
  • Relate to them and any problems they have
  • Reveal how you can solve their problem
  • Demonstrate why they should come to you and not your competitors
  • Trigger an emotional response or reaction
  • Tell them what to do next

They will try, buy, come back for more, stay and recommend.   The lifetime value of each customer will increase and your business will grow.  So how do you create marketing messages that stand out from the crowd?

7 steps to Brilliant Marketing Messages.

  1. Know me. Know my pain.
    • Know your target customer – create an avatar of who they are
    • Identify the problems or ‘pain points’ they experience that you can solve
  2. Less is more!
    • Make your copy clear, simple and to the point. Don’t be subtle!
    • Re-iterate your point 2-3 times to make sure it hits home
  3. Showcase benefits, not features
    • Present your customer with a solution of how you can help them
    • Provide credible evidence of how you have helped others
  4. You do what?
    • Make your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) obvious
    • Show how you are different from your competitors and why customers should choose you
  5. Love me, love my words
    • Be a natural conversationalist, create energy with your words
    • No jargon! Write in a language that you’ll target customers will understand. If they have to re-read your message, then you’ve lost them
  6. How do you want to make me feel?
    • The tone of your marketing messages should connect with your target audience.
    • Have an idea of how you want to make them feel when reading your message, e.g. relieved, intrigued, excited, inspired. If on reading your finished copy, you don’t feel this, then your marketing message is not hitting the mark.
  7. What’s next?
    • Create a visible and clear Call to Action.
    • It should say what you want them to do next, e.g. ‘call’, ‘click’, ‘book’ or ‘try’.


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