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Your marketing – why you need to tap into your ‘why?’

You’re a business owner. Why do you do what you do? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? To make lots of money? To buy that car? To have status? Yes, these are reasons, but none are your ‘Why?’

Your ‘Why?’ runs deep

When discovered; your ‘Why?’ will pull at your heartstrings or make the hairs rise on the back of your neck. It’s all about you. It’s personal. It drives you. It’s part of your unique story and you’ll know when you’ve tuned into it. It’s also one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use today.

Benefits of tuning into your ‘Why?’ – for you

Your ‘Why?’ is something that fires up your passion for what you do, gives you the energy to keep going when everything else seems impossible. It makes you fight, not give up, stand up, not stand back, push forward instead of remaining still. It reminds you why you are here, doing what you are doing, right here, right now. It is your purpose, gives you clarity and inspires you to become more, making you feel alive. It will never fade, but as time passes, it will gradually evolve.

It could be about having quality time with your children, being able to pick them up from school, continue the legacy of a family business, be independent from your partner and earn your own wage. The list is endless.

Your why must be authentic. It doesn’t need to be huge; it just needs to be important to you. In the words of German Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche … ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’

Benefits of tuning into your ‘Why?’ – for your customers

Your ‘Why?’ is a powerful marketing tool and should be in any business marketing toolbox. Knowing your ‘Why?’ pulls the right customers closer and it will help you refine who you think of as your target market, attracting more of the customers you want. Customers will connect with you, your values and what you stand for. You’ll stick in their heads. They’ll want to find out more. It will give them insight into you as a person and as a company, someone they may be doing business with in the future.

Your Why + Your Passion = Your Success

Simon Sinek tunes into his why
Simon Sinek is the author of ‘Start with the Why,’ where he says that the ‘How?’ and the ‘What?’ of marketing are not as important as the ‘Why?’ Watch his famous Ted Talk on the importance of the ‘Why?’

I’ve found my ‘Why?’ – what do I do with it?
No one else will have your ‘Why?’ Therefore, it can be part of your Unique Story Proposition (USP) that helps shape your marketing messages. Communicated in the right way, your ‘Why?’ will help you stand out from the crowd, getting you and your business recognised. Your marketing communications will be clearer, making more of a lasting impression. Carefully crafted you can use your ‘Why?’ in:

• Website content
• Blog posts
• Social media messages
• Email signatures
• Marketing or promotional literature
• Networking meetings
• Customer conversations
• Employee communications

Finally, you must always be authentic and comfortable with what you’re saying as part of your ‘Why?’ – if you’re not, don’t say it.

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